Running is great! Except, when it’s not. Don’t let running injury keep you down.

Running continues to be one of the most popular recreation and exercise activities in the US—especially here in Eugene. One reason is that anyone can do it. Running doesn’t require expensive equipment or space and can be super efficient as a way to workout. There continues to be a growing number of fun runs and mud- or obstacle-course races, on top of some of the community standard 5k, 10k, half-, and full-marathons that are staples in the casual to competitive runner’s training calendar.

The challenge for many runners? Staying healthy. It is reported that a running injury impacts as many as 50% of runners on an annual basis. It is also reported that when landing, runners experience 2.5 to 4 times their body weight as forces through their body. So it’s easy to see why many people are experiencing injuries…or is it?

On the flip side: 50% of these runners are staying generally injury free. Plus, new research coming out actually indicates that running is beneficial to joint health.

So what does it all mean? According to Dr. Craig Iseli, “If you enjoy running and want to keep running, then don’t let a running injury stop you. But you do need to be smart about it.” This means that you need to consider your training regimen, your running mechanics, your non-running exercises like core and mobility work, and don’t forget your diet. It also means having the proper assistance along the way from your PT (physical therapist) or other musculoskeletal expert.

Running's incredible impact on the body.

Most runners, as with any athlete, will experience some kind of aches, pains, or injury at some point as part of their regular training. There are many: shin splints, runner’s knee, patellofemoral syndrome, snapping hip, hip bursitis, tendonitis, or plantar fasciitis, to name a few. The critical thing is what each person does on a regular basis to take care of their body so you can continue to train or get back from an injury.

So, why am I writing this post? To get you thinking! It is often frustrating and depressing when dealing with an injury that keeps you from the activities that you enjoy. Just know that with the right guidance, the proper care, enough hard work, and don’t forget about patience, you CAN achieve a future without limits! Let’s talk about your running—no matter your level!

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