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No debate can be made over the importance of a healthy diet.  The profound benefits of a healthy diet are well described all over the news, by our mothers, and by just about every healthcare provider.  What specifically constitutes a healthy diet is relatively debatable, but there are some common trends:  drink water, watch your portions, and eat a variety of plants.  Not many people are aware that a they can use a healthy diet for pain relief, though.

Whether it’s chronic pain or a brand new injury, your diet will directly influence what your body has available for healing.  A great example is with body builders.  Lifting weights at high intensity causes microtears along muscle that requires protein to repair.  This is why protein is such a huge topic among the fitness community and why you’ll hear about protein being linked to recovery.  

Your diet impacts inflammation as well and can help manage chronic inflammation.  Acute and chronic injuries require the proper fuel to appropriately heal.  It’s fairly common knowledge that you need calcium (and vitamin D) to support bone health. Why would a diet not impact your muscles and tendons as well?  

One of the best tips to start improving your diet is to track what you’re eating.  Just list things out; don’t worry about measuring or counting calories.  Compare how many things you’ve eaten that are “fresh” versus how many things are fast food or frozen.  If your list isn’t a majority of fresh foods, you have something you can work on the next time you visit the grocery store. 

The short version of the story is paying attention to your diet, especially if you’ve had ongoing pain.  If you’ve been working on exercises, taking the right prescribed medications, and modifying your activities but you still have pain, try making a change to your diet and see if that makes a difference. Consider picking up a healthy diet for pain relief!

For more reading, check out this article from Harvard Medical School.

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