Mythbusters! – Addressing 7 Common Whiplash Myths

Whiplash Myths

Most often, you associate whiplash as a result of a motor vehicle accident (MVA). While it’s a very common injury in rear-end accidents, it can also happen in other kinds of car accidents as well as injuries associated with falls or sports.  When the neck, shoulders, and torso are forced to suddenly move out of […]

In a Tizzy and Getting Dizzy

Dizziness while driving | Limitless Physical Therapy

Having dizziness while driving is a common complaint, and no, not due to being under the influence of drugs. How many times have you pulled up to a red light, and a car beside you starts to move slightly and you suddenly feel like your car is moving? Or you turn to check your blind […]

Strike Two (or More): Multiple Car Accidents

Dealing with Multiple Car Accidents | Limitless Physical Therapy

People are well aware of how common car accidents are, and it’s fair to guess that many readers have had a car accident at some point in their life. Recovering from a car accident can be quite a challenge, even if the accident is relatively “mild”. Accidents typically affect the entire body (and mind) in […]

Where to Go After a Concussion From a Car Accident

Concussions have been in the news a ton over the past couple years, especially in the sports world.  More and more information is coming out showing how severe concussions can be, even if they are “mild.”  Football gets most of the blame for concussions, but there are other sports and events that commonly lead to […]

Pain After a Crash

Accidents happen, as the saying goes.  Accidents in cars?  They happen pretty often too.  With the inherent risks of driving, it’s no surprise that accidents can happen and cause a lot of issues.  With all the distractions like cell phones, other drivers, pedestrians, bikers, and all the beautiful scenery in Oregon, there are a ton […]

Back on the Road – MVA Recovery

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) can be a pretty debilitating experience.  Obviously, there’s a huge difference between something like a fender bender trying to leave Autzen Stadium and 10 car pile up on Delta Highway, but MVAs tend to mess people up.  That sudden jolt can irritate pretty much any part of […]