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At Limitless Physical Therapy, your possibilities are limitless and our staff is here to help get you there. Whether you’re recovering from injury, experiencing aches and pain, or recovering from life in general, when you are empowered with a caring staff, treated with clinical excellence, and coached along the way, great things happen.

Call us for a 15-Minute Free Screening

If you have an ache, pain, sprain, or strain, call us today to schedule a 15-minute free screen with one of our therapists. We will meet with you and determine whether your problem can be solved with physical therapy or if you should take another course of action, such as going to your primary care physician.


MVA Recovery

Any motor vehicle accident can cause minor to severe soft tissue damage and joint damage. This type of damage requires expert care to get an accurate diagnosis, targeted treatment, and a complete recovery.

Sports Rehabilitation

If you have muscle or joint discomfort, pain, or injury from playing your sport then we can help. We will give you the tools to prevent those injuries from coming back. And in the process, we can even help you improve your overall athletic performance.

Pre & Post Surgery

We will help you pre-surgery by setting expectations about your surgery and recovery and give you tools to be more physically prepared for surgery. After surgery, we will help you attain the best possible outcomes and get you back to living your life.

Friendly & Caring Staff

We strive daily to exceed your expectations for service and care. Give us a chance to care for you.

Clinical Excellence

We strive to continually improve our skills and knowledge, to provide you with the best care possible.


Dr. Craig Iseli, PT, DPT


Craig’s passion for Physical Therapy lies in discovering the “Why?” within his patients. This includes: why they are in pain and discovering the true biomechanics cause of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. He specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine treating all body parts with an emphasis on a healthy return to activity.

Simon Sjostedt

Dr. Simon Sjostedt, PT, DPT

Simon worked as a traveling physical therapist, where he gained experience in a variety of treatment styles while he explored the country. He enjoys meeting new people and helping them to recover from their injuries. He understands that every patient is different and requires a unique approach in order to help them reach their desired goals.

Nathan Moore | Limitless Physical Therapy

Dr. Nathan Moore PT, DPT, CSCS

Nathan enjoys treating all orthopedic diagnoses with an evidence influenced approach. He knows that patients who are educated on their injuries have better outcomes and as a result he dedicates himself to making sure that his patients know exactly what is going on with their bodies. He treats patients ranging from young athletes with sports injuries to vestibular and neurological diagnoses.

Dr. Jenn Sann | Limitless Physical Therapy

Dr. Jenn Sann PT, DPT

Jennifer specializes in orthopedics and has worked for nearly a decade helping patients of all ages achieve their movement goals. She utilizes a patient-centered approach to treatment using various manual therapy skills, including ASTYM, functional therapeutic activities, and patient education to create individualized programs that achieve the desired recovery outcomes.

Dr. Mike Robinson | Limitless Physical Therapy Eugene Clinic

Dr. Mike Robinson PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Mike’s passion is to return people to recreational activities that their current functional limitation prevents them from accomplishing. He especially enjoys treating orthopedics and sports specifically focusing on running and cycling athletes.

George Kohler, MPT | Limitless Physical Therapy Eugene, Oregon

George Kohler, PT, MPT

From acute injuries due to sports and leisure activities, to injuries related to work George enjoys treating the general population, including all ages and phases of injury. He has experience and success treating post-operative rehabilitation, and even neurological related PT conditions.

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