Given the directives from our Governor and the social responsibility we have to our community, our team of Physical Therapists are reviewing and recommending in-clinic or video-chat physical therapy on a case-by-case basis. We also offer free screenings to provide you with expert information before you decide on your choice for care. If you would like more information please give us a call!

Recovery after Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs) can cause injury beyond what you expect or beyond what you initially thought. Any MVA can cause minor to severe soft tissue damage and joint damage. This type of damage requires expert care to get an accurate diagnosis, targeted treatment, and a complete recovery. At Limitless Physical Therapy we will assess your needs and plan your care with you and your goals in mind. We use a combination of manual treatments (like massage and soft tissue mobilization), exercise, and education to help you through the aftermath. We will help you reduce pain and get back to moving the way you used to move. Don’t let a car accident limit you! We can help you get back your life and discover your future without limits.

Eat away the pain? A healthy diet for pain relief

No debate can be made over the importance of a healthy diet.  The profound benefits of a healthy diet are well described all over the news, by our mothers, and by just about every healthcare provider.  What specifically constitutes a healthy diet is...

Tissue Issues – Muscle and Tendon Injuries

Muscle and tendon injuries happen all the time.  Injuries are responsible for a significant percentage of our medical system:  emergency departments, rehabilitation (like physical therapy), and surgical centers to name a few.  Recovering from an injury depends on so...

Tendon Talk

Ahh, tendons.  Tendons have to be in the top 5 of things physical therapists talk about everyday.  Whether we’re dealing with a new injury or old injury, a neurological condition or an orthopedic condition, a strength issue or a mobility issue, tendons play...

Getting in Rhythm

Listening to an avid or professional runner talk about how they prepare for and perform their craft is similar to listening to a mechanic of a Formula 1 racing car.  There’s so much that goes into high-level running that it becomes more of a calculus equation...

The Stitch Fix – How to Overcome Running Stitches

The feeling you get when you have a good rhythm on a run is just hard to replicate.  Whether you achieve the mythical “runner’s high” or you’re just having an easier run than usual, it's incredibly freeing.  You feel like nothing in the world can stop you, until you...

Get Back(packing)!

Hiking presents it’s own set of challenges, but backpacking is a different beast altogether.  Even if you’re just doing a day trip for a picnic with a view, hoisting around a backpack while you’re scaling a mountain requires more from your trunk than...

Trailing Behind

As discussed last week, the ankle is the body’s foundation when it comes to hiking.  Assuming this foundational area is great, we can start looking at other regions if hiking is a challenge.   Knee or hip pain can ruin your next trek up the mountain.  Both joints...

Losing Your Footing

Oregon is truly a great place to be, especially for those who enjoy getting outdoors.  There are miles and miles of hiking trails all across the state with pretty much any kind of terrain you could want.  It's easy to get the most out of your hiking...

That’s the Spot!

With more people working at home, more people are finding smaller breaks throughout the day between obligations.  Various meetings and obligations are spaced out with just enough time in between to do something, but not quite enough time to get a full workout and...

Doing Your Homework(out)

Last week, we discussed how you have access to most of what you need at home for a good workout.  Having a good list of exercises is important, but programming is arguably the most important part of exercising and making real progress.  Having a program also...

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