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At Limitless Physical Therapy we are experts in movement. What does that mean? If you have muscle or joint
discomfort, pain, or injury from playing your sport then we can help.

We will look closely at the way your body moves. We will find where your pain or problems are coming from.
Then we will work together with you to develop a plan to resolve those problems. We will give you the tools to prevent those injuries from coming back. And in the process we can even help you improve your overall athletic performance.

Don’t let your sports injury keep you from the things you want to do! Give us a call today.

Getting Through the (Carpal) Tunnel

In this day and age, a lot of us spend more time interacting with our computers for work or school than we do actually interacting with people.  Smartphones have stolen the headlines from computers as far as ergonomic issues go, but computers haven’t gone anywhere in...

Capping Off the Knee

The knee joint is one of the body’s simplest at first glance.  You can make it bend or you can straighten it out. Easy. Most introductory anatomy course will compare the knee joint, classified as a hinge joint, to a door hinge to help people understand how it works. ...

Wear and Tear

One of the most pervasive misconceptions related to physical health is that our knees are going to “wear out” as we age.  We’ve already discussed knee arthritis and how exercise is the best treatment option, already debunking the idea that the knee gets worn out just...

Strike Two (or More): Multiple Car Accidents

People are well aware of how common car accidents are, and it’s fair to guess that many readers have had a car accident at some point in their life.  Recovering from a car accident can be quite a challenge, even if the accident is relatively “mild”.  Accidents...

Kickstart Your Heart (Exercise)

When it comes to cardiovascular training (cardio), most people have a solid idea of what that is going to entail.  Running is typically what people think of, but biking and swimming will also often come to mind.  Regardless of the mode, it is pretty well understood...

Taking the Temperature on Heat vs Ice

A question that comes up just about every time someone is having pain is whether they should use heat or ice.  The traditional line of thinking is that you use ice if the injury is recent (meaning within 7-10 days) or if there is swelling, and you use heat for general...

Progression for Prevention

When it comes to exercising after New Year’s, people will tend to fall into 3 categories:  1)  the ones who only go for a couple workouts  2)  the ones that keep working out but doing the same workouts every time they go  3)  the ones who completely over do it and...

Optical Headaches… Not So Easy on the Eyes?

It’s 9:30 pm, you’re sitting on the couch at home just looking at your phone or TV, and it’s been at least a couple hours since you’ve looked at anything aside from a screen, and you’ve had a headache for the past hour or two.  Screen time, especially with cell...

Fix That Aching Head

If you have a head, you’ve probably had a headache.  Sorry to get scientific, but facts are facts.  For most people, headaches go away on their own or with an Aspirin and an ice pack.  No harm done. But sometimes headaches linger, possibly for a couple days or weeks...

Finding Your Center (of Back Pain)

As previously discussed, radicular pain (shooting pain down the course of a nerve as it exits the spine) is pretty common when it comes to back pain.  Some common pathologies typically associated with radicular pain are herniated discs and spinal stenosis (narrowing...

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