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Spinal Health

The spine is our body’s core, so when the muscles and nerves become pinched, pulled or twisted, it can stop us in our tracks. We treat the symptoms, address the cause, and train you to move better, that’s the best way to recover from injury.

Running Injuries

Here in Eugene we don’t take our running (or running injuries) lightly. We’ll perform a full gait analysis, treat your injuries and pain, instruct you in running mechanics, diagram out your running exercises, and outline a path back to running.

Sports Injuries

We take great pride in returning individuals back to the activities they love. So, whether it’s CrossFit, obstacle course races, a gym routine, or any other sports you might do, we have the expertise to get you back to the training you desire.

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Our commitment to you

Friendly & caring staff

We strive daily to exceed your expectations for service and care. Give us a chance to care for you.

Engaging patients through technology

We strive to be on the forefront of technology to improve your overall experience and outcomes/results.

Clinical excellence

We strive to continually improve our skills and knowledge, to provide you with the best care possible.

I’ve seen a number of PTs over the years for various running, cycling, and skiing injuries, and Craig Iseli is hands down the best PT I’ve ever worked with. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, personable, and absolutely driven to help everyone reach their best outcome. It doesn’t matter if you’re a middle age women (like me) trying to get back to an active lifestyle after back surgery or high school athletes (like my kids) working to overcome sports injuries, Craig does an amazing job.


Mom, Weekend Warrior

The Limitless Blog

Strike Two (or More): Multiple Car Accidents

People are well aware of how common car accidents are, and it’s fair to guess that many readers have had a car accident at some point in their life.  Recovering from a car accident can be quite a challenge, even if the accident is relatively “mild”.  Accidents...

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Taking the Temperature on Heat vs Ice

A question that comes up just about every time someone is having pain is whether they should use heat or ice.  The traditional line of thinking is that you use ice if the injury is recent (meaning within 7-10 days) or if there is swelling, and you use heat for general...

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Progression for Prevention

When it comes to exercising after New Year’s, people will tend to fall into 3 categories:  1)  the ones who only go for a couple workouts  2)  the ones that keep working out but doing the same workouts every time they go  3)  the ones who completely over do it and...

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