Rating Your Heart Rate

Performing cardiovascular exercise when we were younger was pretty simple.  Most people don’t think much about just going for a run, playing in a pick up game, or just getting a good sweat on.  As we age, the vast majority of people start to develop various...

Kickstart Your Heart (Exercise)

When it comes to cardiovascular training (cardio), most people have a solid idea of what that is going to entail.  Running is typically what people think of, but biking and swimming will also often come to mind.  Regardless of the mode, it is pretty well understood...

Breaking Down from Overtraining

When done properly, exercise and physical activity are some of the healthiest things a person can do.  Groundbreaking info, surely.  When it comes to starting a new exercise program, it can be difficult to figure out how much somebody should be doing.  Most people who...

Taking the Temperature on Heat vs Ice

A question that comes up just about every time someone is having pain is whether they should use heat or ice.  The traditional line of thinking is that you use ice if the injury is recent (meaning within 7-10 days) or if there is swelling, and you use heat for general...

Do What You Don’t Do

They say that people are creatures of habits.  Most of us spend the majority of our day to day life doing fairly repetitive and ritualistic actions with our jobs or home life.  We like to get in a groove where we can go on “autopilot” just to get through the day. ...

Focus on Performance

Around this time of year, people start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions.  It’s fair to guess that most people have weight loss somewhere in their resolutions, or at the very least some sort of fitness related resolution.  It’s easy to argue there should be...

Activity vs Exercise

As a Physical Therapist, a large part of my job is targeted at getting people to exercise.  One thing that I hear on a near daily basis is something along the lines of being active is a good substitute for exercise.  An example is that spending 3-4 hours gardening...

Optical Headaches… Not So Easy on the Eyes?

It’s 9:30 pm, you’re sitting on the couch at home just looking at your phone or TV, and it’s been at least a couple hours since you’ve looked at anything aside from a screen, and you’ve had a headache for the past hour or two.  Screen time, especially with cell...

Get Your Head(ache) Checked

Headaches are a relatively common event, and most people experience some sort of headache on a fairly regular basis.  The good thing about headaches is that most of them will come and go without much need for any intensive treatment. There are some types of headaches...

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