Activity vs Exercise

As a Physical Therapist, a large part of my job is targeted at getting people to exercise.  One thing that I hear on a near daily basis is something along the lines of being active is a good substitute for exercise.  An example is that spending 3-4 hours gardening...

Optical Headaches… Not So Easy on the Eyes?

It’s 9:30 pm, you’re sitting on the couch at home just looking at your phone or TV, and it’s been at least a couple hours since you’ve looked at anything aside from a screen, and you’ve had a headache for the past hour or two.  Screen time, especially with cell...

Get Your Head(ache) Checked

Headaches are a relatively common event, and most people experience some sort of headache on a fairly regular basis.  The good thing about headaches is that most of them will come and go without much need for any intensive treatment. There are some types of headaches...

Fix That Aching Head

If you have a head, you’ve probably had a headache.  Sorry to get scientific, but facts are facts.  For most people, headaches go away on their own or with an Aspirin and an ice pack.  No harm done. But sometimes headaches linger, possibly for a couple days or weeks...

Finding Your Center (of Back Pain)

As previously discussed, radicular pain (shooting pain down the course of a nerve as it exits the spine) is pretty common when it comes to back pain.  Some common pathologies typically associated with radicular pain are herniated discs and spinal stenosis (narrowing...

Tingles and Jingles – Numbness

The human body has so many checks and balances to tell our brain what is going on in our environment and our body.  Everybody knows about the major five senses:  taste, sight, hearing, olfaction (smell), and touch.  Of those five, it’s hard to find one that would not...

October 2018 Newletter

kreative         VIEW ONLINE         Mom’s Pumpkin Bread Recipe                       Click the Green "Full Recipe" Button to be take to the entire instructions.       October is already upon us. The trees are changing to beautiful colors of gold, orange, red, and...

Pain in the Butte II: Sciatica

Back pain is a complex issue in the medical field.  As we’ve already discussed, imaging doesn’t normally help identify sources of back pain, and pain medication (especially for back pain) doesn’t always lead to relief.  When it comes to issues like back pain there are...

Surf n’ Turf Toe

Turf Toe is a fairly common issue that comes around this time of year, particularly in younger athletes getting back into fall and winter sports.  People start running and planting and sprinting and jumping and cutting after a long summer of not doing much those...

Practice Recovery

Any athlete participating in fall sports knows the ache and soreness from two a days or from getting back into regular practices.  Practices in September are hot, and the coaches tempers tend to be even hotter early in the season to get players whipped into shape....

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