Get Back(packing)!

Hiking presents it’s own set of challenges, but backpacking is a different beast altogether.  Even if you’re just doing a day trip for a picnic with a view, hoisting around a backpack while you’re scaling a mountain requires more from your trunk than hiking.  Back pain is a common complaint from backpacking, and it’s not […]

Trailing Behind – Pain Relief Exercises

Pain Relief Exercises | Limitless Physical Therapy

As discussed last week, the ankle is the body’s foundation when it comes to hiking.  Assuming this foundational area is great, we can start looking at other regions if hiking is a challenge and pain relief exercises to start feeling better.   Knee or hip pain can ruin your next trek up the mountain.  Both joints […]

Losing Your Footing – Hiking Health

Hiking Health - Limitless Physical Therapy

Oregon is truly a great place to be, especially for those who enjoy getting outdoors.  There are miles and miles of hiking trails all across the state with pretty much any kind of terrain you could want.  It’s easy to get the most out of your hiking experience in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest at […]