Getting in Rhythm

Listening to an avid or professional runner talk about how they prepare for and perform their craft is similar to listening to a mechanic of a Formula 1 racing car.  There’s so much that goes into high-level running that it becomes more of a calculus equation than a way to get some exercise.  For the […]

The Stitch Fix – How to Overcome Running Stitches

The feeling you get when you have a good rhythm on a run is just hard to replicate.  Whether you achieve the mythical “runner’s high” or you’re just having an easier run than usual, it’s incredibly freeing.  You feel like nothing in the world can stop you, until you get a tightness building up in […]

Running Safety


In the wee hours of the night or before the crack of dawn you’ll always find someone running in Track Town, USA.  With many people looking into ways to exercise without accessing gyms or group exercises, running is an easily available form of exercise.  At face value, running is also pretty simple.  You just… run.   […]