The Weight of the Holidays: Lift Safely & Save Your Back

It is official, it’s the Holiday Season! We have some tips to help you stay healthy as you lift and move those packed decorations, Christmas gifts, or even heavy bags of delicious holiday groceries.

Plan your path before you lift your object. If you need to open doors, smooth out that wrinkled rug, or move your favorite pet from the center of your path, do this ahead of time. This will help you avoid awkward or sudden movements.

Everybody says it: “Lift with your legs.” But what does that mean?

  • Don’t lean over an object to lift it. Face the object you intend to lift and avoid twisting. Stand close to the object, bend your legs and keep your back straight (what we call “neutral spine”), then lift. Think of it as squatting down like you are going to sit in a chair, then standing up again.
  • How to lifting with your legs and keep “neutral spine”:

DO NOT bend over at the hips and lift with your back. See how Craig’s back is rounded and legs are straight – this is not a safe or efficient way to lift.

Test the weight of the object by pushing it with your foot. If it seems to be too heavy ask for help. If you don’t have help consider waiting until you do. Or look around for a tool that can help you move the object like a cart, hand truck, or furniture sliders.

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and distribute the weight of the object so both sides of your body are doing the work.

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