The exercises that you knee-d for arthritis

Knee pain is far and away one of the most common areas to have pain, and it’s not hard to see why.  They get bumped, bruised, and beat up. We kneel on them, squat with them, and walk with them.  The knees get used a lot!

The joints that make up the knee are durable to allow for quality movement throughout the lifespan, but knee arthritis is still highly prevalent.  As a result, knee replacements (typically performed because of severe knee arthritis) are incredibly common. While incredibly invasive, it makes sense to get a knee replacement.  When it hurts just to move the knee, or it hurts even when it’s not moving, something needs to be done, right?

The good news is that there is a lot that can be done.  In fact, there is a lot that can be done that doesn’t involve surgery.  Infophysiotherapy has put together an excellent image summarizing recent research supporting different kinds of exercise and their benefits for pain and function with knee arthritis.  Examples of exercise include cycling, aquatic exercise, and yoga – all things that the Eugene/Springfield area offers in excess.

Some types of exercise are regarded as being “bad” for the knees (like squatting and running), which is blatantly false.

Squatting and running poorly is bad for your knees, but if done properly they can actually be helpful for your knees.

The same thing is true for just about any other form of exercise.  What’s important is finding the right dosage that works for you (with good form, of course).  Everyone is going to have a different tolerance to exercise.  Getting enough exercise to build up the soft tissues around the joint without leading to excessive increases in pain vital.

The take home message here is pretty obvious:  exercise makes knee OA better. If you’ve been struggling with getting that dosage and/or form right, seek out a physical therapist. They have the clinical knowledge to make sure you can find exercises that work for you and get you back to your normal life.  For more information on knee arthritis, WebMD has some great info summarizing what knee arthritis is, along with some other helpful tips.

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***The above information, including text, images, and all other materials, is provided for educational purposes only, and not as a replacement or supplement to professional medical advice.  Please contact a certified healthcare professional or your primary physician for any personal concerns.

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