Mythbusters! – Addressing 7 Common Whiplash Myths

Whiplash Myths

Most often, you associate whiplash as a result of a motor vehicle accident (MVA). While it’s a very common injury in rear-end accidents, it can also happen in other kinds of car accidents as well as injuries associated with falls or sports.  When the neck, shoulders, and torso are forced to suddenly move out of […]

Tips for Setting Fitness Goals

There’s something about the calendar turning over into a new year that’s so invigorating. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start. With a fresh start comes goals and resolutions to grow and better yourself. If your new year’s resolutions are tied to fitness goals, weight loss, and/or starting a new exercise routine, it’s important that […]

Cupping Therapy – Physical Therapy Tools of the Trade, Part 2

Cupping Therapy

When it comes to treating patients, physical therapists have an arsenal of tools at their fingertips. In addition to physical movements, exercises, and stretches, your physical therapist may recommend other treatments and/or tools that will aid in recovery. Each of the physical therapy tools we will explore in this series have different purposes. It’s always […]

Kinesiology Tape – Physical Therapy Tools of the Trade, Part 1

Kinesiology Tape

If you’ve watched any professional sporting event in recent years, you’ve likely seen it. Long strips of often colorful tape running along or criss-crossed over areas of an athlete’s body. With the benefits of Kinesiology taping becoming more well-known, it’s no surprise that more healthcare professionals are using it on their patients. At Limitless Physical […]

Mythbusters! – Addressing Common Physical Therapy Myths

As we continue celebrating Physical Therapy Awareness month, we are addressing some common physical therapy myths that we’ve heard over the years. Got questions about any physical therapy myths?  Feel limited in what you’re able to do?  The staff at Limitless Physical Therapy in Eugene, OR can show you how to discover your future without limits.  Follow […]

No Pain, No Gain?

No Pain No Gain

“No pain, no gain.”  Anytime someone is trying to gut their way through something, this phrase will inevitably slip out of their mouth as a way to say that they expect pain.  They don’t feel like they can get over an injury unless they are able to “push through the pain”.  The issue with this […]