Tendon Talk

Ahh, tendons.  Tendons have to be in the top 5 of things physical therapists talk about everyday.  Whether we’re dealing with a new injury or old injury, a neurological condition or an orthopedic condition, a strength issue or a mobility issue, tendons play a role.  Anytime our bodies move, a tendon is involved so understanding […]

Losing Your Footing – Hiking Health

Hiking Health - Limitless Physical Therapy

Oregon is truly a great place to be, especially for those who enjoy getting outdoors.  There are miles and miles of hiking trails all across the state with pretty much any kind of terrain you could want.  It’s easy to get the most out of your hiking experience in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest at […]

That’s the Spot! – Spot Training

Spot Training - Limitless Physical Therapy

With more people working at home, more people are finding smaller breaks throughout the day between obligations.  Various meetings and obligations are spaced out with just enough time in between to do something, but not quite enough time to get a full workout and really work up a sweat. Read on to see how you can […]

Doing Your Homework(out) -Creating A Workout Program

Creating a Workout Program - Limitless Physical Therapy Eugene, OR

Last week, we discussed how you have access to most of what you need at home for a good workout.  Having a good list of exercises is important, but programming is arguably the most important part of exercising and making real progress.  Creating a workout program also keeps you on track with a regular schedule, […]

Going the (Social) Distance

With the recent concerns about COVID-19, many people globally are following recommendations to stay home.  Many businesses have closed temporarily or are operating at a reduced capacity. As a result, people are isolated at home without much to do in terms of keeping themselves busy or healthy.   Many public gyms have closed, which has left […]

Exercise. That’s It.

Exercise can help with chonic pain | Limitless Physical Therapy

Everybody knows that regular exercise is good for them.  Some of the benefits – weight loss, appearance, performance – are somewhat obvious.  Dick Van Dyke has a great quote on this topic; “In my 30’s, I exercised to look good.  In my 50’s, to stay fit. In my 70’s, to stay ambulatory. In my 80’s, […]

Wear and Tear – Meniscal Injury

Meniscal Injury | Limitless Physical Therapy

One of the most pervasive misconceptions related to physical health is that our knees are going to “wear out” as we age.  We’ve already discussed knee arthritis and how exercise is the best treatment option, already debunking the idea that the knee gets worn out just because of aging or activity.  But that wouldn’t paint […]

HIIT-ing Up the Gym for Interval Training

HIIT Training | Limitless Physical Therapy

High intensity interval training (commonly abbreviated as HIIT) is a super hot topic in the fitness world these days. It has tons of benefits with regard to cardiovascular training and fat loss, and it is one of the most time-efficient ways to work in some cardio training. For those who are unfamiliar, HIIT involves quick […]

Rating Your Heart Rate – Borg Scale

Understanding the Borg Scale | Limitless Physical Therapy

Performing cardiovascular exercise when we were younger was pretty simple. Most people don’t think much about just going for a run, playing in a pickup game, or just getting a good sweat on. As we age, the vast majority of people start to develop various cardiovascular issues or pulmonary issues that make cardiovascular exercise more […]

Kickstart Your Heart with Cardio

Cardio Exercise | Limitless Physical Therapy

When it comes to cardiovascular training (cardio), most people have a solid idea of what that is going to entail. Running is typically what people think of, but biking and swimming will also often come to mind.  Regardless of the mode, it is pretty well understood that cardio training will include some kind of repetitive […]