Cupping Therapy – Physical Therapy Tools of the Trade, Part 2

Cupping Therapy

When it comes to treating patients, physical therapists have an arsenal of tools at their fingertips. In addition to physical movements, exercises, and stretches, your physical therapist may recommend other treatments and/or tools that will aid in recovery. Each of the physical therapy tools we will explore in this series have different purposes. It’s always […]

The Secret to Long Term Pain Relief

the secret to long term pain relief

Chronic pain is a huge issue worldwide, and the United States has not been able to avoid being part of this crisis.  Opioid use continues to be a massive problem.  Over the counter pain medications like Aspirin and Tylenol are taken in bulk just to get through the day.  Some people go as far as […]

Mythbusters! – Addressing Common Physical Therapy Myths

As we continue celebrating Physical Therapy Awareness month, we are addressing some common physical therapy myths that we’ve heard over the years. Got questions about any physical therapy myths?  Feel limited in what you’re able to do?  The staff at Limitless Physical Therapy in Eugene, OR and Albany, OR can show you how to discover your future […]

No Pain, No Gain?

No Pain No Gain

“No pain, no gain.”  Anytime someone is trying to gut their way through something, this phrase will inevitably slip out of their mouth as a way to say that they expect pain.  They don’t feel like they can get over an injury unless they are able to “push through the pain”.  The issue with this […]

Tissue Issues – Muscle and Tendon Injuries

muscle and tendon injuries

Muscle and tendon injuries happen all the time.  Injuries are responsible for a significant percentage of our medical system:  emergency departments, rehabilitation (like physical therapy), and surgical centers to name a few.  Recovering from an injury depends on so many factors:  severity, what tissue was injured, and personal factors (age, health history, etc.).   Identifying when […]

The Stitch Fix – How to Overcome Running Stitches

The feeling you get when you have a good rhythm on a run is just hard to replicate.  Whether you achieve the mythical “runner’s high” or you’re just having an easier run than usual, it’s incredibly freeing.  You feel like nothing in the world can stop you, until you get a tightness building up in […]

Get Back(packing)!

Hiking presents it’s own set of challenges, but backpacking is a different beast altogether.  Even if you’re just doing a day trip for a picnic with a view, hoisting around a backpack while you’re scaling a mountain requires more from your trunk than hiking.  Back pain is a common complaint from backpacking, and it’s not […]

Managing Chronic Pain – Take a Load Off

Mananging Cronic Pain - Limitless Therapy

When it comes to managing chronic pain, there are a lot of variables that can impact pain.  Being able to identify what certain physical activities lead to pain is a great starting point, but do you just stop altogether?  Do you keep doing that activity anyway? Do you cut back a little? If so, how […]

Pain in the Butte III: Living With Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain | Limitless Physical Therapy

Chronic pain is a massive problem for people all over the world.   US society has an interesting view on pain as being something that you’re expected to “push through” exemplified  by the oft-mentioned “no pain, no gain” mantra. We have also become a society where we want instant results from everything, and healthcare is […]

Muscle Tightness – Slacking Off

Muscle Tightness- Limitless Physical Therapy

Feeling tight or stiff is a fairly common problem.  We recently discussed how regularly “popping” your joints may not be the best idea for this, and how stretching doesn’t always address the issue reliably either.  With both solutions, people are aiming to try to take their joint or muscle through full range of motion to […]