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At Limitless Physical Therapy, your possibilities are limitless and our staff is here to help get you there. Whether it’s recovering from injury, aches, and pain, or recovering from life in general, when you are empowered with a caring staff, treated with clinical excellence, and coached along the way, great things happen.

Life is a participatory experience and so is your healthcare, therefore the staff at Limitless Physical Therapy strive to aid you in feeling engaged and inspired, and ultimately enabling you to achieve your best you possible.

So, ask yourself “what if I could…?” You might really like the answer!

The origins of Limitless Physical Therapy come from a general dissatisfaction with the current state of healthcare and a vision to do more, provide more, care more, be friendly, be there for what the patient’s needs are, and get people better faster. Ultimately—be limitless.

This doesn’t happen without your buy in, your engagement, a greater shift towards personalized care, and using the latest advances in research and technology to provide the most complete care possible. Let’s do this together and find a better you today.

Dr. Craig Iseli, PT, DPT


Owner and Clinic Director

Craig’s passion for Physical Therapy lies in discovering the “Why?” within his patients. This includes: why they are in pain and discovering the true biomechanics cause of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. It also means diving into why patients want to recover from this injury and what activities, sports, recreation, or work demands to which they want or need to return. He enjoys the individualization of physical therapy and is an expert, educator, and student of anatomy, biomechanics, and orthopedics.

Craig grew up in Eugene and has lived in Oregon his whole life. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Pacific University in Forest Grove.

Craig specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine treating all body parts with an emphasis on a healthy return to activity. He has been trained in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment which stresses global movement assessment and a system/interaction approach over an isolated joint approach. Craig is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist which pairs perfectly with his Physical Therapy expertise.

Craig is an avid runner completing the Eugene Marathon in 2012 and participates frequently in half marathons and 10k, and has started doing obstacle course races. He feels many running injuries are related largely to a sedentary lifestyle and improper running mechanics. Craig also enjoys cross fit with an emphasis on moving correctly with technique first and foremost over speed and weight to train smartly and avoid injury. Craig has a great deal of experience with Golf Injuries and Golf Fitness, trained as a Golf Fitness Instructor and Medical Professional through the Titleist performance Institute.

Finally, Craig takes an innovative and creative approach applied to the science and research of diagnosing and treating injuries. This ensures that each individual will get a treatment custom to them; their injury, their environment, their goals, and their needs.

Kjell Mann, PT, DPT, CSCS

Physical Therapist

Kjell, a native of central Minnesota was raised in the Midwest and spent a majority of his life exploring and enjoying the outdoors of his home state. After completing his Doctor of Physical Therapy in Fargo, ND, he became a travel therapist for one year before making his move to Oregon in August 2020.
Kjell was an avid sports enthusiast playing competitive soccer, hockey and track in high school, then leading a club collegiate soccer program at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He also has a drive to help his community through volunteerism and mentoring and carries over these traits in the clinic to strive to better the patient as a whole – not just their diagnosis. He recently has been studying and focusing on functional movement and strengthening to help people return to their previous activity level. When you see Kjell in the clinic he will greet you with a warm smile and positive demeanor.
Growing up in the country, Kjell follows his roots by spending the majority of his time hiking, fishing, and exploring the outdoors. As a newer resident, he is looking forward to experiencing the beauties that the great state of Oregon has to offer.
Alex Pyle

Alex Pyle, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

As an Oregon native, Alex grew up exploring everything the state had to offer. From hiking, running, and camping to rock climbing and snowboarding, Alex enjoys any activity that allows her to adventure throughout the beautiful state of Oregon. She understands the importance of being able to enjoy your hobbies and to live life as pain-free as possible. She also appreciates that everyone is unique and has their own goals, so it is her mission to get to know each patient and help them get back to doing what they love.

Alex graduated from the University of Oregon with degrees in Human Physiology and Psychology. Before attending DPT school, she had the opportunity to travel abroad and teach English in Thailand, which helped fuel her passion for working with kids and teens. She then graduated Magna Cum Laude from Angelo State University before returning to Oregon to practice as a physical therapist.

Lynette Iseli | Limitless Physical Therapy

Lynette Iseli

Owner and Business Development Manager

Lynette is a native to Eugene and enjoys the active and athletic culture of this beautiful city. She loves to run and has participated in the Butte to Butte for the last 8 years straight. She has recently discovered the fun and intense workouts that CrossFit has to offer. Lynette understands what it means to be down, both physically and mentally, due to an injury and how important it is to get back to doing the things in life that you enjoy. Which is why she is excited to be a member of the Limitless Physical Therapy team and can’t wait to help others discover their future without limits!

Niki Bellegante

Office Manager

Niki grew up on a ranch in the mountains of Brownsville, Oregon.  She has a love for the outdoors and believes in its therapeutic benefits.  You can find her in the garden, watching movies, and always cheering for the Oregon Ducks during football season.  She is excited to be part of a team that helps give people the ability to reach their personal goals, and the freedom to do whatever activities bring them a sense of joy, meaning, and passion.

Kamryn - Customer Service Specialist

Kamryn Lopez

Customer Service Specialist

Kamryn recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in human physiology and a minor in psychology. She was a member of the UO Women’s Rugby Team for 4 years. In addition, she was secretary for the Mixed Student Union during her final year. She is attending Oregon State University to pursue a master’s degree in public health with a focus on global health. When Kamryn isn’t in school or working she likes to enjoy the many outdoor activities Oregon has to offer with her dog, Chip.

Riley Tilton

Customer Service Specialist

Riley is native to the Portland area. She is currently striving for her BioHealth degree at Oregon State University in the College of Science. She loves hiking around Mount Hood and finding new adventures with her family. Riley is excited to be a part of the Limitless team and getting patients back to doing what they enjoy. 

Karisa Oxenreider | Limitless Physical Therapy

Karisa Oxenreider

Chief Operations Officer

Karisa grew up in the town of Coburg, just outside of Eugene. She enjoys the ability to have adventures close to home, from hiking in the Eugene area to walking the beaches of the Oregon coast or cross country skiing in the Cascades. Having personally struggled with injuries and post-surgery limitations, she is passionate about helping others to find the right resources that meet their individual needs. She is excited to be part of the Limitless Physical Therapy team, giving her the opportunity to see and help others discover their passion to live healthy, happy and active lives.

Kylie Hill

Kylie Hill

Billing Manager

Kylie grew up in the Eugene area and loves how easy it is to take her dogs adventuring on the coast or playing in the snow on the mountains. Always having had a passion for customer service, Kylie is grateful to be a part of Limitless Physical Therapy who focuses on patients’ success in their individual journeys to live a healthy and happy life.

Hanna Barten

Billing Specialist

Hanna is a Sweet Home, Oregon native and is a recent graduate of Linn-Benton Community College. In her spare time you can find her around the lakes, rivers, and coastline soaking up the sun. She’s always up for an adventure somewhere new, especially out in the woods. With a history of volunteer work and community activities, Hanna loves to get to know everyone she meets. Keeping a positive outlook and attitude is a part of her daily life, and she wants to share that with anyone who visits the clinic.

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