Kinesiology Tape – Physical Therapy Tools of the Trade, Part 1

Kinesiology Tape

If you’ve watched any professional sporting event in recent years, you’ve likely seen it. Long strips of often colorful tape running along or criss-crossed over areas of an athlete’s body. With the benefits of Kinesiology taping becoming more well-known, it’s no surprise that more healthcare professionals are using it on their patients. At Limitless Physical […]

Will Running Damage Your Knees? Studies Say No.

Is running bad for your knees?  According to Eugene physical therapist Craig Iseli, this is a common question among both avid runners and those who may start running for exercise or to participate in that first 5K.  For most people, though, the answer is a resounding no.  “This question really highlights a common misconception about running – that it’s […]

Swing and a Miss for Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain | Limitless Physical Therapy

Following up on our last article for tennis elbow, we have another common elbow pain in the form of golfer’s elbow, otherwise known as medial epicondylitis or medial epicondylalgia.  Golfer’s elbow will typically lead to pain on the inside of the elbow, and as the name implies is quite common in golfers. Golfer’s elbow can […]

Rating Your Heart Rate – Borg Scale

Understanding the Borg Scale | Limitless Physical Therapy

Performing cardiovascular exercise when we were younger was pretty simple. Most people don’t think much about just going for a run, playing in a pickup game, or just getting a good sweat on. As we age, the vast majority of people start to develop various cardiovascular issues or pulmonary issues that make cardiovascular exercise more […]

Fitness Goals – Progression for Prevention

Setting Fitness Goals | Limitless Physical Therapy

When it comes to exercising after New Year’s, people that set fitness goals will tend to fall into 3 categories:  1)  the ones who only go for a couple of workouts, 2)  the ones that keep working out but doing the same workouts every time they go, and 3)  the ones who completely overdo it […]

Focus on Performance

Focus on performance over weight loss | Limitless Physical Therapy

Around this time of year, people start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. It’s fair to guess that most people have weight loss somewhere in their resolutions, or at the very least some sort of fitness-related resolution. It’s easy to argue there should be some fitness-related resolution or goal in mind at all times, so […]

Practice Active Recovery

active recovery to prevent injury

Any athlete participating in fall sports knows the ache and soreness from two a days or from getting back into regular practices.  Practices in September are hot, and the coaches tempers tend to be even hotter early in the season to get players whipped into shape.  Gassers, line sprints, shuttle runs… there’s tons of different […]

Setting Sight on Concussion Prevention

ACL tear

Concussions remain a hot-button topic in professional sports these days, but as the fall season starts up, many younger athletes are starting football, soccer, volleyball, and other sports where concussions occur at a fairly high rate. Football and soccer are the biggest offenders, but a concussion can occur in any sport where a player can […]

Running Your Knees into the Ground?

running injuries

Running gets a bad wrap for being bad for the knees.  Any time an activity and an injury (think tennis elbow) get linked together, that’s usually taken as a sign that if you do that activity long enough that you will experience that issue.  There may be some kernel of truth to that thought, but […]

Buckling Down on ACL Tears

ACL tear

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are a common and devastating injury, especially in athletes.  If you regularly watch any sports or sport news shows, you’ll see a new player sitting out for a season with an ACL tear seemingly every week.  ACL tears occur more commonly in sports like basketball, football, and soccer that involve […]